IMGA Policies

IMGA Policies (updated Nov 2021)

Over a period of time the IMGA Board has attempted to improve the Chelsea sign up participation without much success. Each week we seem to have 10 to 15% of the field that have asked to be added into the completed pairings. We have always tried to accommodate all of these players, but the volume of changes has become unmanageable and it also contributes to imbalances in the team games.

Therefore, the IMGA Executive board is taking the following steps to improve our process.

We have implemented this new policy:

  1. The Chelsea sign up dead line will continue to be noon Friday.

  2. The list of players who have signed up through Chelsea will be posted on the IMGA website by the end of the day Friday under the pairings tabs.

  3. The alphabetized list of names will be labeled Chelsea List AM or Chelsea List PM, will be located under the pairings tab. If you check the Chelsea List and your name is missing, you can add on until noon Sunday by calling the pro shop, (480)‐895‐0614.

  4. We will no longer accept requests to be added on after noon Sunday.

  5. The final tee sheets will be available on the IMGA website by end of day on Sunday Cancellations can be made at any time prior to play on Tuesday.

  6. Players not calling to cancel (NO SHOWS) will fall under the 'No Show Policy' below.

The IMGA Boar

No Show Policy (updated Nov 2021)

Effective immediately, IMGA is adapting a new policy of a one week suspension for No Shows for the league play. This only affects players who have signed up to play, and who do not show up, and have not called to cancel at least one hour prior to the start time. Each week along with publishing the list of Chelsea players, we will publish a “Wall of Shame”, for the no shows. These players will not be allowed to play in the next event.