Score Posting Requirements

IMGA / AGA Score Posting Requirements



First and foremost, all rounds of golf shall be posted.

A postable round must be played under the Rules of Golf. Do not post scores where the holes are not played according to the Rules of Golf.

For Handicap purposes, scores for match and stroke play should be posted. During match play if you pick up rather than holing out, use your most probable score for those holes.

Do not post 18 hole scores where less than 13 holes are played. If you played at least 13 holes, post par plus your handicap strokes for those holes not played.

Do not post scores made on 9 hole courses under 1000 yards or 18 hole courses under 3000 yards.

Post scores on all courses played with valid USGA course and slope ratings.

Do not post scores when the type of clubs are limited or the number of clubs are limited to less than 14.

Post scores for a player who is disqualified but has an acceptable score for handicap purposes. 

Post scores in all competitions (match play, stroke play, team competitions) where players play their own ball.

Enter the total number of strokes taken per hole without regard any maxiumums. For those holes where strokes taken exceed Net Double Bogey enter the adjusted score in the box on the score card. For example if you stroke on a par 4 and you score an 8, you would record an 8 on the scorecard but can only post a 7 for handicap purposes.  4+4=8 less 1 stroke = 7

Do not post scores for IMGA events. Those scores will be posted by the Handicap Chair.