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IMGA Club Champions 2023

Bruce Pape -- Club Champion 

Bill Swed -- Super Senior 75 

Don Noble -- Super Senior 80

Final Results - Club Championship 

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Ironwood Cup Winner 

Don Bartolo  

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IMPORTANT --- Chelsea Sign up Policy

The deadline for Chelsea Sign Up is 12 noon on Friday.

The deadline to Call the Ironwood Pro Shop to Sign Up is Sunday at noon.

In the past the IMGA Board has attempted to improve the Chelsea sign up participation without much success.    Each week we seem to have 10 to 15% of the field that have asked to be added into the completed pairings.   We have always tried to accommodate all of these players, but the volume of changes has become unmanageable and it also contributes  to imbalances in the team games.     

Therefore, the IMGA Executive board is taking the following steps to improve our process. 

Effective May 15, 2018 we have implemented the following policy: ( Read policy here)    Rational For New Policy (Read Here)